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Employee Handbook Creation & Review

Many people consider the employee handbook to be the most important document a company has. Without a custom employee handbook, personnel are left to their own devices to figure out what’s acceptable and what’s not. 


atCAUSE Law Office in Pinellas County offers employee handbook creation and review, so you never have to worry about where your workplace stands. 

What is an Employee Handbook? 

An employee handbook is a business manual supplied to employees by an employer. A properly written handbook delineates the company’s mission, values, philosophy, and policies so that new and existing employees (and executives!) understand how the company functions and what’s expected of them. Clearly defined procedures outlined within a company handbook ensure nothing is left to interpretation or imagination. 


A clear-cut employee handbook is a win-win for everyone: employees understand what's expected of them and what they can expect from management. 

What Should be Included in an Employee Handbook?

A well-written handbook will clearly define the policies and procedures of a business, while also outlining the desired culture of the workplace. 


Some key benefits to having a custom employee handbook are:


  • Ensures policies and procedures are understood and well known

  • Answers the most common employee questions

  • Helps to defend the company against employee claims

  • Assists with new employee onboarding

  • Outlines the company culture

  • Educates employees on what is expected of them

  • Guides employees on what they can expect from management

  • Outlines the company’s benefits (insurance, vacation, parental leave, 401k, etc.)

  • Aids with federal and state legal compliance

  • Informs employees where to go for help


The two most important things to creating an employee handbook are making sure it's understandable and specific to your business. It needs to be written in a way that anyone can read and understand it so it's relevant to your operations. 

Why Should I Hire A Business Attorney to Review My Employee Handbook? 

There’s a lot to a well-written employee handbook. Hiring a business attorney to create or update an employee handbook ensures your business is addressing any work-related concerns before they arise. A business attorney can talk through specific concerns you have about policies and procedures, while also verifying your HR compliance with state and federal employment laws. 


In my experience as a business attorney, there are countless times I've read employee handbooks that didn't clearly define terms, used too complex language, and weren’t understood by management, let alone employees. What good does that do anyone? 


Don't use a generic employee handbook template for your business. Let our employee handbook experts help! 

Flat-Fee Employee Handbook Review in Clearwater, FL 

With over 30+ years of combined experience, atCAUSE Law’s business attorneys in Pinellas County have extensive experience with employee handbooks and know how to customize them to meet your business needs, while including required federal and state notices and regulations. 

Call or text us at 727-477-2255 or contact us to get started!

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