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The Team

Ashly Anchor
Joe Guernaccini Headshot
Stephanie Renshaw Headshot
Sarah Marcoux Headshot

Joe Guernaccini
Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Renshaw
Chief Operations Officer

Sarah Marcoux
Head of Estate Planning

Abby Donnelly Headshot

Abby Donnelly
Head of Probate 

Ashley Cribbis Headshot

Ashley Cribbis
Probate Paralegal

Rhianna Meyers Headshot

Rhianna Meyers
Estate Planning Paralegal

Nancy Moon Headshot

Nancy M.
Legal Assistant

Danielle Tucker Headshot

Danielle Tucker

Erica Contreras Headshot

Erica Contreras
Account Manager

Carmen Perez Headshot

Carmen Perez
Intake Specialist

Two Dogs

Dash & Nous
Chief Tail Waggers

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