Business Law

Whether you have just begun to consider the possibility of starting a business or are an industry veteran at the helm of multiple companies, atCause Law Office provides the legal services your business needs to flourish. 

New and established businesses alike will benefit from our legal expertise. We provide assistance with a wide range of business solutions, including:

  • Contract creation and review

  • Operating agreements

  • Negotiations

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Dispute resolution 

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Finding a legal team you can trust doesn’t have to be a concern when you work with atCause Law Office. Our decades of experience and flat-fee pricing mean we have knowledge and integrity you can count on.

Entity Formation

You have a great idea for a company, you’ve developed an innovative product, or you offer an in-demand skill and want to start a business to share these things with the world. Congratulations, you’ve accomplished the first step toward creating your business, which is having a service or product that people want. If you need help with what comes next, we would love to offer our guidance and assistance toward your business entity formation. 

Starting a new business should be exciting, but oftentimes the confusion and stress surrounding regulations and other legal aspects can put a damper on your passion. You can avoid this by working with a knowledgeable and experienced business law attorney. Our team of professionals can take the reins on things like registering your business with the state of Florida, applying for a federal tax ID number, creating a business plan, and acquiring all the necessary permits and licenses, so you can focus on growing your new business.

Contract Creation and Review

Protecting yourself and your company from unnecessary liabilities is crucial to the health and success of your business. We cannot overemphasize how important it is to fully understand the terms of every contract you sign. Any agreement you enter can lead to legal trouble if the provisions are not crystal clear and explicitly stated. Our expertise lies in contract wording and legal clauses. When you work with us, there’s no need for you to worry about missing verbiage or ambiguous language, so you can put your energy where it is most valuable - business development and growth.


We can also help you resolve issues that arise from misleading contract terms or other legal disputes within your business. Our experience with real estate law, trademark protection, regulatory compliance, and contract management means we are well-versed in the many areas of law that affect business owners. If you are facing pending litigation or dispute resolution, you will want thorough and effective legal representation. atCause Law Office has successfully negotiated shareholder agreements, debt settlements, license agreements, employment agreements, and many more types of business disputes. Whatever dispute or conflict you need help with, we are confident that our team of attorneys can help you reach an agreeable resolution.

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