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Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a field dedicated to addressing various facets of aging and beyond. Its primary aim is to safeguard the rights and needs of older adults. An elder law attorney often assists in areas such as estate planning, planning for disabilities, settling estates, and preparing for Medicaid. atCause Law Office is equipped to guide you and your loved ones in outlining an optimal plan for the future.

Advanced Planning for Complex Needs

Understanding everything from estate to Medicaid trusts can be challenging for the elderly, as they often find it difficult to comprehend the details, advantages, and disadvantages of different planning strategies. Practitioners not specializing in elder law may also fall short in experience and insight, potentially overlooking the full impact of certain planning decisions. The intricate planning requirements of older adults call for the expertise of a professional proficient in elder law. Such a specialist ensures that all plans are tailored to the client's advantage, taking into account their distinct needs and life stage.

What are Your Plans for Funding Long-Term Care?


What will you do if you or a loved one requires long-term care due to illness or injury? Are you aware of the challenges in finding accurate information about Medicaid and VA Benefit eligibility? Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is essential to understand how these laws apply to you or your family member.


The Internet is rife with misinformation about Medicaid and VA benefits, and many people mistakenly believe they are ineligible due to their assets or income. However, our clients often discover that they have more options than they initially thought. atCause Law Office, offers various strategies to overcome these challenges and provide solutions.

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