atCause Law Office implements a flat fee billing system as opposed to the traditional method of hourly billing.


With hourly billing an attorney provides an estimate for the number of hours it will take to complete X, Y, and Z, but the range is usually pretty large thus leaving the client with uncertainty on how much their legal services will cost. 


The attorney will demand the client put money on account, but often the money is used-up quickly and the client is forced to pay additional sums for the work to continue. This process can repeat itself over and over again. Ugh.


Is there any product or service you would purchase without understanding what the cost will be? No! We wouldn’t either. Imagine going to the dentist and getting billed by the hour. It's just silly and it doesn’t make sense.


To handle this, we use a billing system that is entirely flat fee based. There will be one price for the services you need and nothing more. It doesn’t matter how many times we talk or how many emails we exchange, your cost will stay the same.


We strive to deliver services that are far above and beyond what is expected. Our communication is clear and we respond very quickly to all calls and emails. We do what we say and we get results.


We look forward to working with you!