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Florida Will & Trust Attorney

A high-quality and effective will or trust is tailor-made and based on your individual circumstances and goals for the future. That’s why we value a personalized approach to estate planning. atCause Law Office’s estate planning lawyers will work with you to ensure the terms of your plan are laid out clearly and are suited to your specific needs.

You will likely have a lot of questions throughout this process, but you can feel at ease knowing you have our friendly and experienced team working in your best interests and that our flat-fee pricing means that you will never pay extra for a phone call or email.


Preparing and Updating Your Will

Deciding it’s time to prepare a will is an important first step and one that many people avoid for far too long. It is a common misconception that creating a will is best done later in life. There is an expiration date on will preparation, and you don’t want your window of opportunity to close before you finalize your plan. We can help you through every step of this process to ensure the final product meets your needs.  

Does this mean that once you have a will you don’t need to think about it ever again? No, quite the opposite. It is generally recommended that you review your will every three to five years to account for any new circumstances. Life has a way of changing unexpectedly, and these changes can affect your will in various ways. Consider the following common, yet impactful, events:

  • Birth or adoption

  • Marriage

  • Divorce or separation

  • Death

  • Relocation

  • Buying or selling property


These are just some examples of things that can necessitate an update to your will. Even if there have been no major changes in your family dynamics or lifestyle, your priorities may change as time goes by. It is a good idea to revisit your estate planning documents periodically to ensure you still agree with the choices you made in the past. 

Establishing a Trust

A trust can be a powerful asset in your estate planning toolkit. These multi-use devices can benefit you by protecting and distributing your assets as well as helping to avoid probate. Because you can place conditions on the terms of a trust’s distribution, you are able to control how and when your assets will be divided. 

Are you interested in reducing estate taxes? Do you have a loved one with a disability that may benefit from a special needs trust? Maybe you anticipate conflicts will arise over your estate, or you want to plan for potential care costs in your elder years. Whatever your goals are, our team of estate planning attorneys can help you determine the best type of trust for your specific needs.

There are a lot of things to consider throughout this process, which is why working with the right estate planning attorney in Clearwater, Florida, can make a big difference. atCause Law Office will work hard to understand your priorities and advise you on the options that best suit your needs.


Reach out to us today at 727-477-2255 to schedule a consultation.

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