What is "atCause"?

When someone doesn't have a good grasp of the law they can become negatively affected by it quite easily.

For example, let's say Mr. Smith comes-up with an amazing idea, starts a business, and it booms. He hires a bunch of employees and has them all sign the exact same non-disclosure agreement despite their different positions within the company. Not being an attorney, Mr. Smith didn’t understand that this could cause a problem and weaken the enforceability of the non-disclosure.

If Employee X stops working for Mr. Smith, and if Mr. Smith can’t enforce his template non-disclosure agreement, then he’ll run the risk of his amazing idea getting out to his competitors.

What Mr. Smith should have done was have certain employees who are in a position of receiving confidential information sign a carefully drafted non-disclosure agreement that is limited in time and scope and offers adequate protection to Mr. Smith’s important business activities. This way, if Employee X does breach the agreement, Mr. Smith can actually enforce its terms.

Most business owners aren’t attorneys and because the law is sometimes confusing and obscure, it is easy to overlook things like this.

Let’s face it, you are either causing your destiny or dealing with the results that ensue from not causing it. Business owners need to be able to maintain control over their business and employees, and atCAUSE Law Office wants to help them get there and stay there.

Our purpose is to make you “at cause” over your legal situations, empowering you to run your business the right way, without worrying about legal issues.