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Operating Agreements

An operating agreement is like a how-to manual for the overall operation of your business. If you have not created one, or are still unsure about the importance of creating one, speaking with a knowledgeable and trusted legal expert can help clarify exactly how this document can benefit your company. atCause Law Office knows that the unique needs of your business must be met with a personalized approach. 

We will give you the attention and individual service you deserve and flat-fee pricing you can count on.

What exactly is an operating agreement?


An operating agreement is a document that outlines your business policies and protocols. This document is not legally required to operate a business in Florida, but it is incredibly helpful for navigating the various circumstances your company with inevitably find itself in. 

Implementing an official operating agreement can help things run smoothly and avoid many troublesome scenarios that often pop up during the lifetime of a successful company. It can include details surrounding every step and aspect of your business, from creation to dissolution. 


How is an operating agreement beneficial?


There are no bounds to the benefits of a properly executed legal agreement. While the details of an operating agreement may not have much effect on day-to-day business services, the overall benefit is substantial and cannot be denied. When considering an operating agreement, you should expect it to:

  • Prove you own your business

  • Establish company structure and managerial hierarchy

  • Detail solutions to problems before they happen

  • Override default laws

  • Prevent arguments among the partners or members


This is just a sampling of all the ways a good operating agreement can help you and your company. If you have questions about any of these benefits or want to inquire about additional advantages, our experienced business law professionals would love to speak with you.


What should be included in an operating agreement?


What you include will be reflective of your business’s preferences and needs. If you choose to work with us to create your agreement, we will carefully consider your wishes and balance them against the provisions laid out in Florida state statutes. 

Commonly, operating agreements include instructions and details regarding:

  • Company formation

  • Management structure

  • Profits and losses

  • Distributions and compensation

  • Decision-making powers


Whatever you decide to include in your agreement, working with us ensures the final product will be an ideal combination of what you need and what you want.

Our passion for helping businesses flourish and our knowledge of contractual language and requirements make us the perfect resource. We’d love to help you strengthen your business, so reach out to us at 727-477-2255.

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