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Personal Services Contract

Understanding Medicaid eligibility can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing assets and income. At atCause Law Office, we specialize in creating strategic solutions that secure access to vital healthcare services without compromising your financial security. One such powerful tool is the Personal Services Contract (PSC), a legal agreement designed to ensure you or your loved ones can qualify for Medicaid while preserving your assets.

What is a Personal Services Contract?

A Personal Services Contract is a legally binding agreement where an individual pays someone else for personal care and services. These services can range from everyday household tasks to more personal care. The payment for these services is considered a legitimate expense, which can reduce countable assets, thus helping to qualify for Medicaid.

How It Relates to Medicaid


Medicaid's strict asset and income limits often hinder many individuals needing healthcare benefits. Individuals can effectively lower their countable assets by legally allocating funds through a PSC for necessary services. This adjustment helps meet Medicaid's eligibility criteria, providing a pathway to receive healthcare benefits without depleting all personal assets.


How atCause Law Office Can Help


Our team at atCause Law Office is adept at navigating the complexities of Medicaid planning and eligibility. Here's how we can assist you with Personal Services Contracts:

  • Tailored Planning: We understand that everyone's situation is unique. We'll work with you to craft a PSC that fits your specific needs and financial situation.

  • Medicaid Compliance: Ensuring your PSC meets Medicaid's standards is crucial. We have the expertise to develop agreements that comply with regulations, avoiding potential issues with eligibility.

  • Asset Preservation: Our goal is to protect your assets while securing your healthcare needs. A PSC is one of many tools we utilize to ensure your assets are managed wisely and effectively.


Secure Your Healthcare with Confidence

If you're navigating the intricacies of Medicaid eligibility or looking to preserve your assets while securing essential healthcare, a Personal Services Contract may be the solution. At atCause Law Office, we're committed to providing you with the guidance and support needed to make informed decisions about your future.


Don’t navigate this complex process alone. Contact us today at 727-477-2255 to explore how a Personal Services Contract can benefit you. Let us help you secure your healthcare needs with strategic planning and peace of mind.

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