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Business Transaction

Are you buying or selling a business? Investing in an existing company? Merging with another? Purchasing property? Selling goods or services? Trying to get out of an unfair agreement? 


Our transaction attorneys in Pinellas County can help with all the above and more.


Every transaction has its complexities. atCAUSE Law Office operates with solutions in mind and will focus on getting you the best terms possible.

What Do Transaction Attorneys Do? 

Transaction attorneys assist companies and individuals with legal issues related to business transactions, such as contracts, purchases, mergers and acquisitions, and buying or selling a business. 


Transaction attorneys are experienced in many aspects of business law, whether reviewing an employee contract, protecting intellectual property, or assisting with a business dissolution. 

Our Transactional Attorneys Can Help With Any Business Need

Whether you're looking for guidance on transactions related to daily business operations, starting a new business, or selling an existing business, our experienced business attorneys are here to support your business! 

Business Operations 

For ongoing, day-to-day business operations, our transactional attorneys can help with the following:


Starting a New Business 

If you're starting up a brand new business, it's beneficial for a transaction attorney to help draft and review business formation documents, contracts, and business plans and processes.


With atCAUSE law, you can be confident your new business was set up for success from the start, as we assist with transactions such as:

  • Employee Contracts 

  • Member/Partnership Agreements 

  • Business Formation 

  • Financing 

  • Business contracts 

  • Joint ventures


Selling a Business 

If you're looking to sell or dissolve your business in Pinellas County, it's essential to ensure everything is done correctly. 


Let our experienced attorneys handle everything for you, including: 

  • Business Dissolution 

  • Transfers 

  • Asset Sales 


Contact Our Business Transaction Attorneys in Clearwater, FL 

With over 30+ years of combined experience, atCAUSE Law's Pinellas County business lawyers are ready to help with all your business transaction needs. 


Call or text us at 727-477-2255 or contact us to get started!


Are you looking for ongoing support for your business' legal needs? Check out our legal concierge services, where you pay one monthly price for business law services, including unlimited phone calls and assistance with negotiations, document review, and business compliance. 

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