Concierge Services

Many businesses are not able to have in house counsel, but every company needs the help and support of one if they are going to remain protected.


atCause Law Office provides concierge legal services so that you can obtain the advice and protection you need without breaking the bank. 


Each business is unique and so each concierge plan is tailored accordingly. After a thorough interview and assessment of your company we will provide a detailed description of the legal services your business requires.


The Concierge Service may include the following:


  • Unlimited phone calls and emails with our attorneys

  • Document review and recommendations

  • Trademark consultations

  • Trademark filing

  • Trademark monitoring and protection

  • Cease and desist letters

  • Updates to employee handbook

  • Ongoing assistance and monitoring of business compliance

  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions

  • Negotiations with outside vendors

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