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Trademark Registration & Protection

Serving the Entire United States

If you're starting your own business or have an existing one, protecting your intellectual property is vital, whether it's a unique idea or your business name and logo. atCAUSE Law Office offers trademark registration and protection services for the entire United States to help businesses of all sizes protect their brands.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is an easily recognizable word, phrase, symbol, or design of a product or service that legally sets it apart from others.


Why Does My Business Need a Trademark?

Trademarks prevent others from using a product or service that belongs to a particular company or individual. 


Trademark Registration Services in Pinellas County

atCause Law Office can assist with the entire process of obtaining a trademark, from the initial search to drafting and filing the application, as well as consistent monitoring of the mark so that there isn't infringement. 

Call or text us at 727-477-2255 or contact us to start the trademark registration process today!

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