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Labor Law

atCAUSE Law Office provides labor law counseling in Pinellas County, including Clearwater and St. Petersburg. 


One of the most important parts of business law is maintaining commercial entities, like businesses, brands, and companies. But what does this look like? What labor laws does your business need to know about? Our highly experienced business attorneys are here to help. 


What is Labor Law?

Labor law is intended to manage the working relationship between employees, employers, trade unions, and the government. There are two types of Labor Laws: 

  • Collective Labor Law - A collective labor law is established as the relationship between an employee, employer, and their union. 

  • Individual Labor Law - Individual labor law is specific to an employee’s rights as detailed in their contract for work. 


Federal employment regulations are meant to define business owners’ responsibility to their employees. Labor Laws are an important part of business infrastructure, as they’re deliberately put in place to protect and help make sure that employees are safe in their workplaces. If an employer does not follow these regulations, the employee may be entitled to financial retribution. 


States are allowed to have their own labor laws, however, they must comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, and work leave. 

Labor Law in Florida

Florida is an “At-Will'' employment state. This means, employees in the state work at will. That being said, it also means they can be terminated, from their work, at any time without cause. If for any reason, an employee is terminated for a cause, like discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, then legal action may be taken against an employer or company. 

Labor Law Consulting in Clearwater

atCAUSE Law Office can help you with labor law consulting in Pinellas County. Our Services include: 


  • Making sure your company’s policy handbook is compliant with state and federal law

  • Assisting with company policy handbook revisions, so that they’re easily understood by employees and management

  • Working with human resources to help with employment relationship, labor law requirements, and employer best practices


Our labor law consultation will provide you with the information you’ll need to compliantly manage your workplace. If you're just looking for legal assistance with HR documents, we can look over them free of charge and provide a detailed evaluation and recommendations. 

Schedule a Labor Law Consultation Today

We’re here for you and your business. Contact us to schedule a legal consultation and start protecting your business in Pinellas County today. 

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