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Legal Negotiations

Whether you feel trapped in a contract, misled about the terms of the agreement, or you feel the other party isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, 

atCAUSE Law Office’s 30+ years of combined experience can help navigate even the most complex circumstances. 


Based in Clearwater, FL, our business attorneys provide legal negotiation in Pinellas County so you can find an agreeable solution in record time. 

What is Legal Negotiation? 

Legal negotiation is an on-going process where two or more parties try to reach a resolution. In some cases, a party may seek legal representation to argue their side, present or extend a compromise, or settle a matter outside of court through dispute resolution. Legal negotiation involves taking into account both sides of a disagreement, discussing the parties’ interests, and bargaining to settle as many issues as possible. 

Why Should I Hire a Legal Negotiator? 

If you’re in a legal negotiation, you’ll want an attorney that will look into every detail and present the best possible solutions. At atCAUSE Law, we start by assembling relevant information about your case. Then, we'll devise a plan of action together. 


With our extensive history and training, we are often able to identify beneficial clauses that aid in the resolution of the matter. We have successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients in the following areas: 


  • Debt settlement 

  • Purchase agreements  

  • Service agreements 

  • Employment agreements 

  • Lease agreements 

  • License agreements 

  • Management agreements

  • Member agreements

  • Shareholder agreements


Legal Negotiation in Clearwater, FL

atCAUSE Law offers legal negotiation at a flat-fee price, which means instead of paying hourly for a consultation with our business attorneys, you’ll only pay a set price. 


Call or text us at 727-477-2255 or contact us to get started! 

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