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Real Estate Closing Services

atCause Law Office offers title services through our affiliated business atCause Title Agency.


This full-service title agency will assist with everything from title searches and property surveys to real estate closings and escrow services. Experienced in real estate law makes us uniquely qualified to provide a full suite of title services.

Our title agency clients will benefit from our legal expertise and real estate knowledge while also getting the same personal attention and down-to-earth approach we’re known for.


Do You Need Title Services?

Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. We can help homebuyers protect their financial investment from unexpected problems with their property’s title. We perform exhaustive title searches to uncover hidden defects, claims, or judgments that could jeopardize the sale. Our clients receive comprehensive services, as we also conduct property surveys, review closing documents, manage escrow accounts, finalize deeds, and provide title insurance.

What is Title Insurance?


Title insurance protects a policyholder from financial loss if a defective title is discovered. Even the most thorough title search may not reveal every potential issue in a property’s record. It’s a good idea to have an extra layer of protection from costs like unpaid liens, undisclosed heirs, and unknown encroachments.

There are two types of title insurance – owners and lenders. An owner’s policy is not required in Florida, but it’s worth considering because it protects the new homeowner from expenses related to title defects. Alternately, a lender’s policy is required, and a mortgage lender will not approve a sale without it. We help our clients secure insurance coverage to protect their homes and real estate investments.

Now you can have the unparalleled title services you need from a name you know and trust. To learn more, visit atCause Title Agency or call us at (727) 339-7728.

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