Employee Handbooks

Many people consider the employee handbook to be the most important document that a company has. A well-written handbook will clearly define the policies and procedures of a business and it will also outline the desired culture of the workplace. 


Without a custom employee handbook, personnel are left to their own devices to figure out what is and is not acceptable. 


A properly written handbook will delineate the company’s mission, values, philosophy, and policies so that new and existing employees understand how the company functions and what is expected of them.


When a company’s handbook is easy to understand and broadly known, its staff are able to predict what will happen in any given situation. When people understand what will happen they then have confidence and security. If an employee is confident and secure they should be at ease and thus more productive on the job.


Some key benefits to having a custom employee handbook are:


  • Ensures policies and procedures are understood and well known

  • Answers the most common employee questions

  • Helps to defend the company against employee claims

  • Improvement of new employee onboarding

  • Outlines the company culture

  • Educates employees on what is expected of them

  • Educated employees on what they can expect from management

  • Outlines the company’s benefits (insurance, vacation, parental leave, 401k, etc.)

  • Helps with federal and state legal compliance

  • Informs employees where to go for help

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