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Mergers & Acquisitions

Business transactions like mergers and acquisitions require legal representation that understands the complexities and nuances of buying and merging companies. atCause Law Office uses a solution-oriented approach to help you achieve an outcome that meets your unique needs. 

We will speak with you to find out what your goals are, then we focus on how we can help you reach these goals. We are legal professionals who understand business. This valuable combination means we can see from the perspective of business owners while applying our extensive knowledge of transactional law. We also recognize good business practices, which is why we implemented our flat-fee system to provide the best value for our clients. 

Mergers & Acquisitions


Whether you are buying someone else’s company or merging your current company with another, you can expect to face some challenges along the way. Our business transaction attorneys can help you in any step of the process, including:

  • Offer letter

  • Due diligence

  • Document review

  • Negotiations

  • Closing


We can also advise you on which purchasing route to take if you are still undecided. Which option is better for you and your business will largely depend on what your goals are, and the liabilities that exist. Merging your current business with another can expand your reach into additional markets or sectors, reduce operational costs, and increase your revenue. 


A merger can also negatively affect the business if you do not take steps to avoid these impacts. Issues can arise in areas like communication, company culture, and customer experience. Knowing the potential problem areas ahead of time means you can account for, and potentially prevent, them from happening. We will use our decades of experience to help you identify and prepare for possible contingencies like these. 

Asset Purchase v. Stock Purchase


If merging companies to create a new entity is not a feasible or desirable option for you, you may want to consider an acquisition through an asset purchase or stock purchase. If you want to receive tax benefits and choose which liabilities you will carry, an asset purchase may appeal to you. In this method, there is no transfer of ownership, which limits the risk and complexity. 

However, if you want full ownership of the company you are acquiring, you may want to choose the stock purchase option. You will be required to comply with regulatory standards, and all risks and liabilities carry over to you after the purchase. If you need assistance deciding which method will benefit you, or if you are looking for a skilled attorney to represent you throughout the process, our team is more than capable of delivering high-quality legal counsel.

Every type of business transaction and each industry present their own set of unique challenges, and you need a lawyer with experience in a broad spectrum of transactional law. We take the time to understand your business model, goals, and strategy in order to create an individualized plan of action.

Call us at 727-477-2255 to find out how we can help you with your business transaction.

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