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Why Should You Choose atCause Law Office To Guide You Through Probate?

Our Compassionate, Experienced Legal Team Will Make This Difficult Time Much Easier For You & Your Family.

Welcome to atCause Law Office, where your probate journey finds its perfect partner. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our three core pillars: responsiveness, knowledge, and care. We understand that navigating probate can be overwhelming, which is why we prioritize being responsive to your needs. With atCause, your questions will be answered, and your concerns will be addressed. We're here to provide the guidance and support you require when you need it most.

Backed by a team of highly knowledgeable probate professionals, atCause Law Office offers a depth of understanding that ensures every aspect of your probate process is handled with precision and care. Our experienced professionals stay up-to-date with the latest legal developments, allowing us to devise strategies that best fit your unique situation. Beyond our expertise, our genuine care truly sets us apart. We recognize that probate often comes during emotionally trying times, and our compassionate approach ensures that you're not just a case but a person deserving of empathy and personalized attention. Let atCause navigate the complexities, provide the insights, and offer the care your probate needs – your peace of mind is our purpose.

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Ashly Mae Guernaccini,
Managing Attorney

Ashly Guernaccini founded atCAUSE Law Office, focusing on probate, estate planning, intellectual property, and business law.  Ashly earned her B.A. and Doctor of Law degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University School of Law. As a Pennsylvania and Florida Bar member, she helps families and small business owners throughout both states. Ashly builds strong relationships with clients and simplifies complex legal matters.

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