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Corporate Clean-Up

Is your business kind of a mess? Maybe you filed as the wrong type of corporation and have no idea how to keep the correct protocols. Or maybe, your employee handbook is completely out-of-whack and HR is confused. In any case, our business attorneys in Pinellas County can help with your company’s corporate clean-up. 


There is no judgment here; how or why your business got this way is not important. What does matter is that we fix it and we fix it right away. 

What is Corporate Clean-Up? 

Corporate clean-up is the process of organizing a company’s internal documents, including articles of incorporation, bylaws or operating agreements, and corporate minutes. These documents are commonly kept in a corporate records book. This makes it easy for you to find everything you need in case your business is audited by the IRS. 


atCAUSE Law's experienced business attorneys will take an in-depth look into your business’s legal documents to determine what’s needed to bring your company back to good standing. 


Based on our full assessment of your business, your corporate clean-up may include the following: 


  • Filing the proper business formation documents 

  • Drafting articles of incorporation, including any amendments 

  • Review of Bylaws or Operating agreements, including amendments and restatements

  • Revising shareholder agreements 

  • Employee handbook revision 

  • HR compliance audit

  • Ensuring all relevant meeting minutes are properly recorded

  • Filing required annual paperwork 


Why is Corporate Clean-Up Necessary? 

Corporate clean-up is important because it maintains a company’s limited liability and ensures a business is compliant with all necessary regulations. With limited liability, a business owner’s financials are limited to their investment in the company. However, when a company’s corporate documents are in disarray, a business may not be legally distinct from the business owner. 


To preserve limited liability and avoid the potential for costly litigation, a business should maintain and regularly update its company record book. Plus, if the IRS came around asking to see all your business documents, wouldn't you rather feel confident knowing everything was properly recorded and organized?


Corporate Clean-Up in Clearwater, FL

Based in Clearwater, FL, atCAUSE Law’s Pinellas County business attorneys are highly experienced in corporate cleanup. If you require corporate clean-up, we use flat-fee pricing for all of our legal services, including business formation, HR compliance, contract disputes, and more! 


Call or text us at 727-477-2255 or contact us to get started! 

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