Trademarks vs Copyrights?

Updated: May 6

Intellectual property is an idea or creation that someone thinks up. This is different from physical property such as a car or a refrigerator. Intellectual property can be many things, but some common ones include logos, books, computer programs, inventions, and art.

Though you can’t physically hold or touch intellectual property, it can be stolen just the same if it’s not properly protected.

If you had $100,000 worth of tools for your construction business, would you leave them unattended overnight? What about work vehicles? Would you ever park it in a not so good

part of town with the windows down and the keys in the ignition? Of course you wouldn’t!

Similar to physical property, your intellectual property needs to be protected or someone can simply steal it.

When it comes to the actual protection, there are two ways to go: a copyright or a trademark.

Copyrights generally protect the rights of people who create intellectual works such as music, art, computer code, books, online courses and so on. Whereas, trademarks protect a company's name and the name of its products, logo and slogans.

If you’ve written a play, developed an online seminar, or generated the next best iPhone app, you’ll want to get a copyright.

For your unique business name and logo a trademark is the way to go.

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